Monthly Archives: February 2012

Wrapper function in Matlab for plotting multidimensional functions in 3D

I have often encountered situation where I want to plot a function in 3D but it either takes multidimensional input or the function itself can't be specified over some kind of matrix multiplication. So I wrote this the other night, a wrapper function for the 3D plotting in Matlab. Basically it takes a function handle […]

Drag-n-drop latex formulas for keynote

Via onethingwell LatteĀ is a Mac OS X application that uses such Web engines as CodeCogs and Google Chart to typeset formulas written in LaTeX. Formulas can be dragged to other applications (e.g. Keynote, Pages) and, in the case of PDF formulas, scaled to an arbitrary size. Both the LaTeX input and the rendered output can […]

Notes on how to review a paper

One of the first assignments I got when starting my PhD(4 weeks ago) was to review some papers the lab had done, that I would possibly be doing extending work on. As I have never reviewed papers before I thought a good idea would be to go at it like I was reviewing the paper […]