Why Latex is broken and what needs to be fixed

Having programmed too much HTML and CSS gets your mindset gets warped; in the right direction. You start to believe religiously that code should be separated from layout, and that those two should be separated from the content. And then you are faced with LaTeX which according to latex-project.org LaTeX is not a word processor! […]

The most awesome terminal bash command!

So Matlab has this really nice feature that if you type the start of a command in the terminal window and then press the up button you can browse through previous commands containing that text. This is a really nice feature when changing commands often. The terminal should really have this feature it would make […]

A short explanation / tutorial of the Kalman filter

In my list of methods to explain I have now come to the Kalman filter. This is a short summary of the tutorial of Welch and Bishop which can be found here. I have been reading up on pose recognition and a lot of people seem to be using it to track parts moving across […]

On payoff matrices, decision rules, confusion and affinity matrices

Simple post today. Just some definitions and explanations of stuff that is pretty familiar to most people. Payoff / Loss Matrices Payoff matrices describe the reward for choosing a particular action and loss matrix just describes the loss related to choosing a particular action given a certain state. The most famous payoff matrix I guess […]

What is a Sensory Motor Map - SMM

In robotics one often deal with combining visual input and motor kinematics. A Sensory Motor-Map(SMM) is a map between perception and action such that the robot gets an understanding of how certain motor actions affect the perceived reality. Simply put given some visual input the map gives the kinematics and dynamics to generate the given […]

Two neat LaTex tricks that will make life easier

1. Typesetting modularized LaTex files So you modularized your really long tex file, using includes or input. You find it a bit annoying that every time you change a chapter you have to typeset the main file, you can't just press the typeset button on the chapter file. It turns out that if you just […]

The Trace Trick for Gaussian Log Likelihood

Maybe you have seen something like this when observing the log likelihood derivations for multivariate Gaussians \( \ln p(X|\mu, \Sigma) = \frac{1}{2}\ln|\Sigma|- \frac{1}{2}X^{T}\Sigma^{-1}X + const = \frac{1}{2}\ln|\Sigma| - \frac{1}{2}Tr(\Sigma^{-1}XX^{T}) + const \) and you wondered where that \(Tr\) came from. Here you can find a great explanation but I thought I would write it down […]

Calculating the indices for n choose k

So if you want to calculate n choose k, or n over k or all k different combinations of n unique items or binomial coefficients in Matlab or in math language

\[\frac{n!}{(n-k)! k!}\]

you can write nchoosek(n,k)nchoosek(n,k) But lets say you want to generate a list of these possible combinations? Well then you just write […]

Using cricket connoisseurs and pint drinkers to explain Bayes' Theorem

In a teaching course I am taking I had to do a ten minute talk about anything, but it should be related to my research. The people listening to the talk was a mix of PhD students from different departments at my university. So I had to keep it simple enough so even people with […]

Debugging in Matlab

Getting in to someones code or just cleaning up your own Matlab code it's good to know how to do break points and other useful to make the process flow a bit smoother. I thought I would do a list of my favorites for making my code work faster and with less tedious work. The […]