Google can keep Keep….

I used to be a Google fanboy. However the disbanding of the Google Reader together with a bunch of thoughts on it here [1][2][3] just to mention a few, left me thinking about how I treat my personal data. It also made me think about how much I rely on free services in general which might get shut down. gmail might not, and drive might not but I am guessing one should be more careful in the future before integrating something into one’s workflow such that it becomes a vital part of one’s life. As it is now I will not be even looking at Google Keep. It is also scary putting all eggs in one basket. Diversity usually doesn’t thrive when there is only one player on the market. (And I kinda love Evernote.)

Maybe it is even time to move away from gmail and drive and set up ones own server? The software is there and the process is not nearly as complicated as before. Further on the cost is tiny nowadays and all your data will belongs to you and not us.

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